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Products and recipes made by hand in Quebec City.

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Our jams and jellies are without preservatives, additives and coloring. No unpronounceable words in the list of ingredients.


The names of the jams and jellies are related to the history of Martinique and that of the founder. The discovery of a place through the shape or color or memories of Vanina presented as an abstract painting and at the same time real by tasting each flavor of jams.


Never doing things one way and being open to constant innovation. Creativity in the creation of recipes based on jams and jellies with Caribbean flavors.


Through the capsules, the lives, the cards and the culinary Ebook you will discover dishes valuing the tropical fruits and vegetables arriving in Quebec.


"Take the time to share your terroir with those who take the time to discover it" Thierry Tremblay. Sharing is essential because it allows us to open up to others and to transmit this contagious joy.

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