Presentation of the founder

Vanina Rome

My name is Vanina Rome, I am from Martinique. I have an academic background in the field of agriculture in STAE: Technical Science Agronomy and Environment (Martinique) and in the field of agrifood in TPQA:
Technique of Food Quality Processes (Quebec).

If you had to describe me I am a wise, determined, courageous, ambitious perfectionist, funny, creative, independent and social person.

My LEADERSHIP style is Authoritarian, confident in myself and my ability to think • determined, skeptical and demanding, relatively patient • Direct leadership, complex problem solving • creative. In 2019 and 2020, I was a finalist for the International Inspirational Black Women competition. In 2020, Collaborator of the Heart Like Quebec group (For business women and women of the heart) In 2020, Administrator of the Black History Month Issue Table

Description of the company

In 2015, I decided to create a range of jam that resembles that produced in the family business in Martinique using only tropical fruits arriving in Quebec. The challenge was to create consistent recipes without the use of additives and / or preservatives. In addition, I was looking to reduce the sugar level to enhance that of the fruit. In 2017, I made the decision that it was time to create my company by highlighting my values, my authenticity and sharing my greatest wealth, my inescapable love for my island Martinique. In July 2018, I invited a group of panelists to carry out the organoleptic evaluation of the range of jams. I also took advantage of this group to demonstrate what recipes we can make using jams. Indeed, I have found that the jam is often used for toast (slice of bread) and then it disappears in the refrigerator door.

In August 2018, after some revenue adjustments, the Béroukhia was revealed to the public in Quebec. The beauty of the project is that each jam tells a story. I want to make the public traveled with me. To this end, each jam has a name that corresponds to my island, my history, my family ... Take the example of pineapple jam, it is called L’Eyma. The latter represents the birthplace of Aimé Césaire in the commune of Basse Pointe. Moreover, this town is famous for its large production of pineapples. Thus, the creation of my company allows me to promote my island, to highlight the values that my parents passed on to me and to develop my creativity. I have found a field that I like and that allows me to combine science and art !!! The name of my company means "Blessing" in Hebrew compared to my first name which means "blessed by the gods". In February 2019, Béroukhia is registered and activity is increasing.

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